The Love Shack

The Love Shack

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Quick note, earlier this week I went to Area One and attached a plastic plate to the one box I mentioned in my last blog. It had been predated and all 6 eggs were removed. I figure the chewed up entry hole allowed something easier access to the nest. Upon this visit though, I noticed much of the nest material was on the ground (it was still in the box my previous visit). So whoever returned for another have at the nest, or possibly another predator. I suspect a bird, like a Grackle or Blue Jay, may be the culprit this time. The t-bar here is heavily greased.

I have my doubts the Swallows will try again here this season; none were seen this time unlike just days before when the adults were swooping my head. I will be happy to be proven wrong though.

Stay tuned!

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