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The Love Shack

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Forgotten Land Hatches

Today, June 14th, I checked the two active nests in the Forgotten Land. Both are Tree Swallow nests. One box had 5 eggs and one had 7. Both boxes are now full of baby Swallows! With my quick observation, I was not able to get a full head count, and for the time being will assume all have hatched. I don't feel it's necessary to poke around in the boxes as all the young look very healthy and the smell of "bird death" is not emitting from either box. I discussed this unique smell in a blog from last year. All I can tell you if this is new to you, it's unforgettable.

One of the boxes I am blessed to be able to look inside the entrance hole without even opening the box. I wish more of the boxes happened to be set up like this. This is the one where I had 5 eggs.

The other box, where the 7 eggs were, is a little more difficult to view in, so I use my phone, holding it over the nest and take a couple photos. If I tried harder, I could have gotten a better shot of the young, but once again, just don't feel it's necessary. I'm sure the birds prefer less disturbance.

The fun thing about this box is it is in front of a patch of reeds, if that is what they are called, where Red-winged Blackbirds are nesting.

So while I have a pair of angry Tree Swallow parents swooping my head, there is also the even more aggressive Red-wings. This would be quite the visual for any passerby.

Let's wish these (probably) 12 young birds the best as they continue to grow in these boxes and all hopefully fledge in a few more weeks!

There was a third potential nest, but it's safe to say that it has been abandoned.

I do see more than 2 pairs of Tree Swallows flying around and I wonder where they are nesting. I still aim to add 4 boxes for 2019. Maybe they will be home to more?

Next up will be another round of checks at Area One, hopefully tomorrow, as it's been almost a full 2 weeks since my last visit.


  1. The Toronto Regional Conservation Authority should give you a job Rob. At least you care about the birds, the boxes and don't let them go for a shit like they have in so many areas across Toronto!

  2. I missed this year's nesting time by about a week in my yard. They didn't like the new house we put up for them 2 years ago so we put their old house back up right after we got home from our vacation but like I said, it turned out to be about a week late. I have hope for next year. Good luck with the rest of 'your' families!

    1. Aw, that's a drag. It takes forever for the birds to come after the long winter and I feel like the nesting season is really passing quickly.