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The Love Shack

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lambton Hatches

Great news. We have hatches in the Tree Swallow nest box at the Lambton site!

I checked in about 8 days ago. Momma was inside and would not budge so I snapped a quick photo with my phone and closed up the box. It's always interesting to look at a Tree Swallow nest, noting the feathers they find to line the nest. Like here, top right corner is a Duck feather although I'm not sure the species.

I decided to check in today, June 13, and 4 young Swallows were looking out at me. I am sure there was 5 eggs so hopefully a fifth bird is hiding under them; but there's the possibility of a no hatch with the last egg. We shall see later in the Summer when I clean out the box.

I am very happy about this success since it was only a few months ago that I set up this box. One nest out of three boxes is nothing to complain about.

I will be visiting the Forgotten Land tomorrow, so stay tuned for another update.


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