The Love Shack

The Love Shack

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Forgotten Land - Success

On June 26th I checked the nest boxes in the Forgotten Land. Success sums it up nicely. Both nests are empty now. All the young have fledged. 7 from one box and 5 from the other.

As you can see, no birds got left behind from the nest of 7. I cleaned out the box but that may not be it for this box though. A pair of adult Tree Swallows were swooping my head. I'm not sure if it's the same pair possibly going to nest again or ??? I've been told it's unlikely the same would do a 2nd nest. There is another box very near here but it's still empty. I will check back in a couple weeks just because.

The nest of 5 now empty.

No birds got left behind here either.

I've always got my gloves come this chore of cleaning them out. I really should get a mask too. I do my best to not be in the face of the wind though as I am sure breathing in fecal dust isn't good for the lungs. Thank goodness for having a long arm reach! Sometimes I use a stick but not today, just my gloved hand.

I also cleaned out the abandoned nest.

The Forgotten Land didn't generate the excitement like it did last year. Just because the Bluebirds did not come back, doesn't make this spot any less special. Tree Swallows count too! I expect to up my nest count here in 2019 as I intend to turn my plan into a reality this fall.

I recently did a very short entry regarding something from Area One but never shared it. For anyone reading my adventures who wait for my public posts, here is the link. It may help fill in something with my next follow up coming next week.


  1. So glad to see all were successful!

  2. Great stuff Rob! As it's been said "you may not change the world, but you have made a difference for these birds". Cheers on Whiskey Wednesday dude.


  3. You're a champion of the birds, Rob.