The Love Shack

The Love Shack

Friday, August 17, 2018

I'm Still Here

The nesting season is done, has been for weeks now. It's been brutally hot and humid, which hasn't helped me in getting up to Area One to check those last couple boxes, one being a late nest and a re-nest in the other. Also wild parsnip has spread in the area this Summer, and with the heat, I'm just not into covering myself from head to toe to get to those boxes. We've talked about moving some before next nesting season, making them easier to get to. Hopefully this becomes a reality.

As for closer to home. One of the boxes in the Forgotten Land now has a split down the front of the box. It will have to be replaced. It is one of the original boxes I salvaged so really, it owes me nothing. I'm happy to have gotten 2 nesting seasons out of and it helped bring 13 new Tree Swallows into our world.

In Lambton the lone box away from the other two I found knocked over. I know I drove this t-bar into the ground with my bare hands as the soil is rather soft. I will be dealing with this in the fall too. I don't want to move the box, or not too far anyway, as having Chickadees start a nest in there shows promise (or is it high hopes) to use another year. As I key this, it would make sense to me that an animal knocked it over, possibly a Raccoon trying to investigate it, because the box is on a steep slope that I even have difficulty climbing to check.

This was just a quick blog, like a check in, and to let you all know I'm still here.

I will be back again soon enough with my finds in those Area One boxes, plus anything I do to the other locations.


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  1. And those are the reasons why you need to keep checking on these things regularly. :)