The Love Shack

The Love Shack

Friday, April 27, 2018

Area One "Return"

A visit to Area One this week had us seeing the return of some Tree Swallows. Amazing what a week of nice weather can do, eh?

Tree Swallows on the Love Shack.

Tree Swallows on Alfie's box. Sadly Alfie passed away over Christmas and I won't be able to share any news to him of how his box did this season. Of course I want to do everything I can to preserve this box now, I think of this kind man every time I check it.

My concerns about this new style of nest box, the Guild style, have been put at ease with the interest shown by some of the Swallows.

And as you can see, my friends have been busy tagging the boxes as well for better documentation of the season, and future communication about anything to do with any particular nest box. Big shout out to them!

They also built a few new boxes of the style that most of us are familiar with, and set them up. I will be meeting with them next week, getting a total box count now and going over any last must do's before things really get going with the birds.

It was nice to take in some other Spring sightings. A Great Egret was seen flying over. A Belted Kingfisher was heard flying down the river.

I did come across a sad sight. A Skunk laying dead on the trail, in full view for all to see. I picked him up and moved him well out of public view to give him a little bit of dignity. Plus I'm sure most people would rather not come across this during their walk. Anyone on my Facebook or reading my other blog knows I have a love for Skunks.

And then this. Cottontail perhaps? *sigh*

Chancing upon 5 White-tailed Deer perked me up after those sad finds.

Heck, even the half dozen Cormorants was like eye candy to me being first of year with my walk.

I discovered a "new" box off the path and it seems to have Swallows claiming it already. Oh boy! More nests! I didn't have my screwdriver with me to open it up and have a look to ensure it's clean and good to go. It's on the list for next week. As you can see, something else was going at the entry hole some time ago.

T-bars will be greased next week. I hope with my next entry of Area One I will have a total of how many boxes have been claimed by the Tree Swallows and maybe some other species.

Thanks for stopping in to give this a read. Cheers!


  1. Keep the Swallows down there for another week or so .. cold & very few insects up here just yet but Swallows are due back any day. Sorry about your 'other' sightings. :(

  2. I look forward to all you see this Summer Rob. Sorry about the Skunk and bunny.

  3. I didn't know we had Cormorants in Ontario. Cool! The Tree Swallows are beautiful. I'm glad they're taking to the new boxes. Looking forward to reading the updates.