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The Love Shack

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Quick Update

Spring is here, and it's time to get ready for the birds who will be back before we know it.

I did a walk about Area One this week. The new Guild style boxes are all set. Unfortunately I found two of the old style boxes, which have only been up for 2 seasons have been chewed to hell by a Squirrel.

Frustrating because the spot normally does not have Squirrels running through it. The boxes may be salvageable with a little exterior framing around the gaping holes. Lesson learned that in future, we will just leave the side doors open through the off season. The t-bars will soon be greased and that's about it.

We did have a little experiment going through this winter, keeping the old boxes on the t-bars, below the new ones. Mice took residence through the winter in these boxes like past years. Of course the mice and these boxes cannot stay on the posts and will be relocated (not harmed very soon). We have a great and healthy ecosystem in Area One which attracts all sorts of wildlife. Mice can be seen as vermin but in a field they feed other creatures. Now as nesting season nears, we have to get back to the mission of helping the birds we attract to these boxes. The mice can stay, even in these old boxes, just not on the same posts as the birds.

At least 3 mice were, and still are, in this one box.

A cool find from my walk of Area One. This piece will be going to Toronto Wildlife soon as an enrichment source for some animals in care. Nothing gets wasted, does it? If anyone reading this ever comes across any antlers, pick them up and give them to a wildlife rehabber. Or pass them along to me and I will get them to one.

I will be meeting some people from Area One next week to go over the last things we need to do before the birds return. We are all excited for another season.

I will admit my hesitation to this new style of nest box. I'm not big on changes, especially when it's something to do with what I am passionate about. You know the whole "if it's not broke, don't fix it" saying? The Guild style was far easier to build for the guys. I get that. The old boxes needed replacing for the new season. I'm told Tree Swallows and Bluebirds will use the Guild.

I've been in contact with the man regarding The Forgotten Land. As I key this, they still haven't made any decision about this location. There are some big factors that I choose not to discuss at the moment, which are out of our control. What happens here seems to effect their decision. So, for now, 6 boxes will stay standing. I'd love to add a few more but I won't this year. I may not ever if things go the way they are looking for the area. I'm anxious about if the Bluebirds will return. I've walked the area once a week the last couple weeks, no birds yet.

Last year I set up a lone box around the corner from us. A male Bluebird was often seen in the area but by the looks of things, he never attracted a mate. This morning I pounded in a couple more t-bars in the area and hopefully put up a couple boxes I salvaged from The Forgotten Land sometime next week. I don't mind doing this since it's costing me nothing other than my time. Stay tuned for what comes of this and what I might name this location. Pics to come.

How's that for a quick update?

Be back in a few weeks. Cheers!

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  1. All I can say is: Good luck! And send some Spring up here, wouldja!!