The Love Shack

The Love Shack

Friday, February 16, 2018


A magazine called Niagara Escarpment Views recently did an article on how to help Eastern Bluebirds. They interviewed the founder of The Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society Bill Read. The writer for the story sought out photos of Eastern Bluebirds to be used in the article. I submitted 6 and 2 were chosen. I love seeing any photo of mine make print anywhere, just so there is more use and purpose to a photo; but what I really like is both photos are of a dedicated male Eastern Bluebird, who despite losing his mate, 3 of the 5 eggs not hatching, he never gave up in the final days before his young fledged. Anyone reading the article and viewing the photos will have no idea about the background story with the photos of this pretty little bird but for me it is like a silent tribute. Most of my photos hold a fond memory and some just a little more than that, helping me tell a tale like this one of the struggle with a family of Eastern Bluebirds in Toronto in the Summer of 2017. It's gearing me up a little more for the oncoming season which rapidly approaches. I'm hoping for their return.

If you would like to find a free copy of the magazine, here is a link to places that should have the latest edition.