The Love Shack

The Love Shack

Monday, April 24, 2017

Area One Update

I visited Area One on Sunday April 23rd for a peek at what is happening with the boxes.  There are 6 Tree Swallow nests in early stages of construction.

I've applied yellow vinyl tape to this season's active nest boxes.  I've kept or re-applied the red vinyl tape from last year's boxes for comparison.  You can see the 2nd box behind this one and a bit of the red on the post.

As I inspected claimed boxes, I was being watched by Tree Swallows and many of them swooped my head as well.

"Back off buddy!  This is our house!"

This box was built by a member of the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society...  Wood Duck Alfie.  He will be thrilled to hear if a pair take up shop in his box this season.

This box was built for Angie and I by a friend of ours, Jimmy.  It was a wedding gift.  We thought it was a great gift.  The box is showing some wear after a few years but we look after it.  We nick named it the "Love Shack".  The shack has been host to a dummy Wren nest one year, an abandoned Tree Swallow nest the following year (ant infestation) and last year was not touched even without any ants.

Some boxes had just a few strands of material and others looked like this.

We have 17 boxes this season.  Two had to be taken down as they were falling apart.  It's uncertain if we will replace them just yet.  13 are in one area.  We moved 4 to a smaller area just east of the main area.  This is where Alfie's and our "love shack" are set up.  Tree Swallows were on all four boxes and I could see 3 pairs about the area.  How many more nests may we come up with?

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